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The Writing Journey

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

A little comic relief here. These are the things I do when I've written myself into a corner. Crash on the sofa with Kenny Loggins playing in the background. Let the cat sleep on my chest, hoping for catly inspiration. Clean out the old messages on email or my phone. Check the Today's Specials on QVC and HSN. Do some laundry. View a Dodo YouTube story about a rescued animal. I am such a sucker for these. In good weather, a nice beach walk will do it. In Pennsylvania, I'd hop in the car and drive to the outlets in Lancaster. It's a fairly traffic-free drive except for the Amish buggies and a few speeding maniacs. By the time I drove back, I'd have my plot snag solved. I think we all follow this desperate protocol when the clock begins ticking loudly.

So where is my journey at present? With a hydrangea, two butterflies, and some ginkgo leaves riding shotgun. My cover. CamCat has amazing cover designs. The best! Can't wait to see the final version.

My current writing journey is at a rest stop somewhere, probably perusing the candy counter. I'm thinking Chunky or maybe Junior Mints. One more week on this stupid bone broth diet. Whose great idea was it for me to eat chili for breakfast with eggs? And what's Asian about a turkey burger with jalepeno? I will either emerge from the torture of this diet as Sleeping Beauty or Godzilla.

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