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Kate's article made me think of tours in West Chester, PA where I spent about 30 years.

  • Did you know that the iron railings in houses were seized and made into ammunition during war times?

  • Did you know that rumor has it the farrier (blacksmith) in East Goshen became annoyed with his apprentice and clocked him with an andiron? Then he buried him under the floor boards.

  • Did you know that rumor has it monkeys have appeared in photos taken in that area? Pareidolia? Maybe, but not far from there is an animal research facility where monkeys were rumored to be buried when research ended.

  • Did you know the area where Torey Inne is located was a major road during the Revolutionary War, and it could tell some fascinating stories?

  • Did you know about Liberty Trees? They were meeting places for colonists and places where rebellious messages could be posted.

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