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Updated: Aug 6, 2023

I am beyond excited with the progress of this novel. We are now down to proofreading the final edits. This writing journey has taken me to a wonderful publisher. Unlike some traditionally published writers, the art director, Maryann Appel churned out probably about 20 choices for the cover. I think we landed on one that is perfect. The marketing team voted unanimously for this one. Along the way, some things were changed. Originally, a rose was where the hydrangea is now. That rose reminded me of Miss Haversham's jilted wedding, so I asked for a hydrangea. The blue flower is a clue pendant girls Mariah and Bennie leave for my main character, Andi. I also added the two butterflies which connect to the ending. (The original ending involved an alligator named Elvis. My mentor talked me out of that.) And finally, the ginkgo leaves. They are important to Andi's past and also to pendant girl Mariah who uses them as her signature. On this cover, the skull is encased in a fancy bezel. Think of a piece of jewelry with a carved face image in the middle and an ornate bezel. Now, when you see it online or in a bookstore, you'll know the meaning of the cover.

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